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Hundreds of artists flock to the city of Sydney every year. Their goal is to paint the town with lights during the Vivid Lights Festival. Light artists, production engineers, architects, students, designers and production companies come together to bath Sydney’s iconic structures with light. They use strings of light, light projections, LED lights and anything else you can think of. They drape structures like the opera house and bay bridge with fantastic colours and arrangements. And the production quality is legendary; real Hollywood-quality kind of stuff. The absolute best way to experience the festival is with the Vivid Lights harbour cruise Sydney.

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And the best thing about the Vivid Lights festival is that the event is entirely free. Parts of the city, including Circular Quay, The Rocks, Walsh Bay, Darling Harbour and CBD Precincts, come to life every year. Sydney looks like a city set in the future. The whole community becomes one huge art installation. The most beautiful place to view the Vivid lights installations is from the harbour. The Vivid Lights harbour cruise Sydney is a beautiful two-level boat that you can board to tour the festival in style. The boat features two open deck where you can experience the smooth and quiet harbour.

The boat will sail underneath the centrepiece of the show the harbour bridge. The iconic bridge is absolutely wonderful during the Vivid Lights show. In years past, it has been bathed in blues, purples and greens, making the bridge even more beautiful. After passing underneath the bridge, the tour will continue past the Sydney Opera House. Perhaps the most famous building in all of Australia, the white walls of the house serve as a canvas for light artists to paint upon. The three-hour Vivid Lights harbour cruise Sydney comes complete with a free bar. You’ll be able to grab a beer, a glass of wine or a refreshing soft drink as you enjoy some great music. It is all included in the price of the tour package.

If you want a drink with a little kick, then you can take advantage of the fully stocked and licensed cash bar, where drinks are only five dollars. To enhance your enjoyment, we serve a selection of chicken and roast lamb, along with fresh salad and fresh bread rolls. The delicious fare is made by a chef. Your taste buds will be as delighted as your sense of sight during the nightly tour. The Vivid Lights harbour cruise Sydney sets sail at 7:30 p.m. and docks back at 10:30 p.m. It is the perfect way to enjoy Sydney during the Vivid Lights nights.

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