Sydney Harbour Day Cruises

When you decide to book a cruise out on Sydney’s beautiful bay, you have the choice of day cruises or night cruises. Either of these is a great option, and it is a good idea to experience each one at least once. However, there are some good reasons why you might choose to use a day cruise for your very first experience out on the water in Sydney. Here are a few thoughts as to why and whether it might suit you to pick the afternoon for your first Sydney harbour day cruise.

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Sydney harbour day cruises will give you a chance to get the lay of the land when you are new to the area. While Sydney does tend to light up in the evening, it is rather easier to spot the individual buildings and landmarks during the day. Cruises out on the bay at Sydney tend to take a few hours and proceed at a leisurely pace. Since this is the case, you will never have to worry about missing an important sight if you pick a daytime cruise. A night cruise is a completely different experience and one that you can often appreciate more after a day cruises.

Many people enjoy the opportunity to take a day cruise with these options so that they do not have to worry about looking for lunch once they disembark. You will get to enjoy a hearty, robust menu, so there is no need to worry about going out to an expensive restaurant on the bay after you finish up your day cruise. Sydney harbour day cruises frequently include access to a full menu. The menu will include meals that any visitor to Sydney can enjoy, such as barbecue. The menu may also include fresh salads and a variety of different alcoholic drinks.

When you have a more personal event such as a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion to enjoy, you might wish to do it during the day. The bay is less crowded during the day, so as soon as you finish, you can easily return to your hotel or go on to another attraction in the local area instead. Sydney harbour day cruises are often easier to book than evening cruises, but this depends. When you are planning to celebrate a special event such as the New Year or Christmas, there is no beating the incredible sight of Sydney all lit up and decorated.

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