Team Building Laser Clay Shooting

When you’re trying to figure out a great way to get your employees to work together, communicate better, and to have fun doing it, team building retreats or activities make a big difference. By allowing them to work together to achieve certain goals you can help them build skills that will transfer to the workplace. One surprisingly effective option is to plan out and take your team on a team building laser clay shooting cruise. These cruises are among the best options available today and will be the perfect combination of fun, fresh air, and great team building ideas.

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Package Price – $189.00 Per Head

Team Building Shooting Cruise Packages Includes:

  • 3 Hour cruise on Sydney Harbour
  • Quality Boat – Two Levels and Two Open Decks
  • Private Harbour Cruise
  • A Cruise Director
  • Participate in the Laser Clay Shooting Contest
  • Points Are Awarded If The Target Is Hit
  • Results Electronically Calculated Displayed On Scoreboard
  • Beers – A Selection of Bottled Beers & Cascade Light
  • Wines, Water and Soft Drinks
  • Cash Bar For Spirits
  • BBQ Chicken and Roast Lamb
  • A Choice of Fresh Salads and Bread Rolls
  • Security And Music

7 Days A Week – 10.30am – 1.30pm

7 Days A Week – 1.30pm – 4.30pm

7 Days A Week – 4.30pm – 7.30pm

7 Days A Week – 7.30pm – 10.30pm

Package is based on a minimum of 25 people

For smaller groups please – Contact Us

Departs: King Street – (View Maps)

First, it’s good to know just what a team building laser clay shooting cruise consists of. Essentially, you and your team will load onto a cruise ship and head out into beautiful Sydney Harbour. Sydney is home to some of the most recognisable and stunning sights and architecture in the world, and you’ll have that beauty as a backdrop during your excursion. Each member of your party will be supplied with a laser clay shooting gun and head out onto one of the dual decks to get started with the shooting exercises.

Laser clay shooting utilises laser and microchip technology to track each shot. Your group will all fire at the same target at the same time, and this technology will track who scored a hit and who missed, sending the data to a digital scoreboard. By encouraging competition as well as communication and camaraderie, a team building laser clay shooting cruise will help to generate a tremendous amount of positive effects on your employees. They’ll communicate more effectively, know each other a bit better, work together more effectively, and much more. It can have a number of benefits and it’s well worth taking a closer look at just what one of these cruises can offer you and your company.

The entire team building laser clay shooting cruise will last around three hours, with a big portion of that time spent using the laser clay shooting tools. But there will also be plenty of food and refreshment, with a BBQ style lunch readily available for your workers and all the soft drinks you can handle. You can even add beer or wine to the cruise if you trust your employees to drink responsibly and stay focused on the exercises. Simply put, this is a great way to build team spirit, form strong bonds, and help your employees improve themselves.

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