Sydney Harbour Party Boat

Sydney is famous for a number of different reasons. Its waterside attractions are some of the most lavish and recognizable anywhere in the world. Each and every New Year’s Eve, it gives the world some of the most splendid fireworks imaginable. Individual buildings such as the world famous Sydney Opera House are true works of art, some of them surpassing anything else that you can find. There is another aspect to this charming city’s eternal appeal that most people might not even know about, and that is the Sydney harbour party boat. The party boat scene in Sydney is incredibly lively and fun!

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There are many different reasons why you might decide to enjoy the services of a Sydney harbour party boat. If you are visiting the city for only a few days, you can have the option of a day cruise or a night cruise. A night cruise is a fantastic way to enjoy the unique way that Sydney lights up in the evening, while a day cruise will allow you to fit the cruise into your schedule for the rest of the day. The choice is up to you, though many people who have the time try out both options!

Sydney party cruises are also very popular during special occasions. Probably the most famous way to enjoy Sydney harbour party boat is to go there during New Year’s Eve. There are two things to bear in mind here. First of all, you should book well in advance in order to get the kind of deal that you want. Secondly, you should select a boat that will allow you to get a terrific view of the annual fireworks display. Sydney harbour authorities are very strict about boats and their crews, so only the very best party boats will be able to get up close.

Those who enjoy the party boat lifestyle often say that the more friends they are able to invite, the better. However, you do not necessarily have to invite a huge crowd in order to enjoy your Sydney harbour party boat experience. A small group of close family and friends can be enough to make the most of something like a birthday or anniversary, although the best boats are also equipped for wild “stag parties” (known as bucks’ parties in Australia) and graduation parties. The larger your group, however, the less expensive your package is likely to be on a per-person basis.

Sydney Harbour Party Cruises