Bucks Shooting Cruise

Planning a Bucks day isn’t always easy, especially with so many different options available today. While it was once nothing but a strip show and a few rounds with the guys, now a bucks day can include almost anything your mind can conjure up. One great way to get the party started right is with a bucks day laser clay shooting cruise. This experience combines a whole range of different activities to create a three hour cruise you and your mates will never forget. With everything a bucks day should be included, once you climb on board you won’t want to get back off.

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Package Price – $189.00 Per Head

Bucks Party Shooting Cruise Packages Includes:

  • 3 Hour cruise on Sydney Harbour
  • Quality Boat – Two Levels and Two Open Decks
  • Private Harbour Cruise
  • A Cruise Director
  • Participate in the Laser Clay Shooting Contest
  • Points Are Awarded If The Target Is Hit
  • Results Electronically Calculated Displayed On Scoreboard
  • Beers – A Selection of Bottled Beers & Cascade Light
  • Wines, Water and Soft Drinks
  • Cash Bar For Spirits
  • BBQ Chicken and Roast Lamb
  • A Choice of Fresh Salads and Bread Rolls
  • 1 x Sexy Lingerie Waitresses To Serve Drinks and Food
  • Our Waitresses do “Private Shows”
  • So Bring Some Extra Cash – $$$
  • R Rated Strip Show – Add $250
  • Security And Music

7 Days A Week – 10.30am – 1.30pm

7 Days A Week – 1.30pm – 4.30pm

7 Days A Week – 4.30pm – 7.30pm

7 Days A Week – 7.30pm – 10.30pm

Package is based on a minimum of 25 people

For smaller groups please – Contact Us

Departs: King Street – (View Maps)

The obvious part of a Bucks day laser clay shooting cruise is the shooting itself. Using laser and microchip technology, you’ll be able to have a shooting competition unlike any other. From one of the open decks of the cruise ship, you and your mates will be able to shoot and keep track of each person’s score. Two shots per target, and multiple shooters will go up against each target at the same time. It’s completely safe, lots of fun, and appeals to that deep-seeded sense of competition that everyone has. Whether the buck wins or not, everyone will have a blast.

But the shooting isn’t everything you’ll get on a Bucks day laser clay shooting cruise. You’ll also get a great meal featuring BBQ sausage and onions, salads, and bread. And with plenty of beer, wine, and spirits on board you’ll be able to keep the party going throughout the cruise. With Sydney’s numerous sights as a backdrop, heading out on the water for food, drinks, and shooting fun is one of the easiest decisions you’ll make when you plan out a bucks day party, and one that will likely be the highlight of the entire day.

But it doesn’t stop there. A Bucks day laser clay shooting cruise also includes those other components of a great bucks day that you’ll be in the market for lovely ladies. With lingerie waitresses serving food and drinks and the option to pay extra for a totally R Rated strip show, you’ll be able to bask in the beauty of some of the finest women Sydney has to offer. From the beauty of the city to the beauty on the boat with you, you’ll always have plenty to see when you’re not taking a turn at the laser target shooting contest.

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